The Scribe Source Team

Management Team

Lori Baxter - Owner/Chief Scribe of the Scribe Source

Lori Baxter
Owner & Chief Scribe

Lori takes big ideas and creates strategies for communicating them creatively and effectively. Her specialties are developmental editing, project management, and content strategy. She started the business in 2005 with a dream to help people effectively communicate their inspired ideas with the world.

Hannah Comerford - Senior Editor for the Scribe Source

Hannah Comerford
Senior Editor

Hannah is one of the world’s foremost masters of The Chicago Manual of Style (in our humble opinion) and is known for catching even the smallest factual errors in a text. She specializes in copyediting and proofreading for nearly any type of content. She joined Lori in 2011, making the Scribe Source an official team.

Dianna Plasencia - Project Coordinator for the Scribe Source

Dianna Plasencia
Project Coordinator

Dianna came to the Scribe Source from the field of social work, where she specialized in serving each client with individualized care. Now she helps our editing team keep all our client projects on track and on time. Dianna joined the team in 2020.

Editorial Team

Kriste Solomon - Editor for the Scribe Source

Kriste Solomon

Reared by an English-teacher father, Kriste was diagramming sentences, learning obscure etymologies, and memorizing lists of prepositions at an early age. She is hardworking and thorough and specializes in curriculum editing, manuscript development, and Shakespearean insults. Kriste joined the Scribe Source team in 2017.
Jennifer Loveless - Editor for the Scribe Source

Jennifer Loveless

Jennifer first realized her love of language in sixth grade when her class learned to diagram sentences; she was surprised to be alone in her delight (if only she'd known young Kriste!). Her eclectic career experiences have included work in Biology, French, Linguistics, Computer Science, and Education. We've loved having her on the Scribe Source editing team since 2018.
Whitney Simpson - Editor for the Scribe Source

Whitney Simpson

Whitney is an expert proofreader with experience in digital book publishing. She now covers everything from marketing content to K–12 STEM curriculum. She was a shoo-in to join the Scribe team in 2017 after using the word assiduous on her resume.

Laurie Latham - Editor for the Scribe Source

Rachel Sandell

Rachel is an avid editor and author. When she isn't knee-deep in her own stories of the mythical and the magical, she can be found blogging about her favorite books , beta reading for other writers, and composing her own music. She joined the Scribe Source team in 2018.

Sheralee Cochran - Editor for the Scribe Source

Sheralee Cochran

Sheralee is an excellent, though possibly reluctant, editor—mostly because it takes time away from reading novels. But a girl’s got to fund her book addiction somehow, right? She’s been contributing her instinctual, common-sense approach to editing since joining the team in 2016.
Karly White - Writer/Editor for the Scribe Source

Karly White

Karly is a writer and editor with a keen instinct for the way text should sound, no doubt a result of her daily consumption of everything from The New York Times to C.S. Lewis’s novels to her son’s Dr. Seuss books. She has been a part of the Scribe Source team since 2014.

Writing Team

Emily Fahey - Copywriter for the Scribe Source

Emily Fahey
Writing Team Coordinator

Emily started her career as a fundraising professional working in higher education and public media. She specializes in writing direct mail and email fundraising appeals, website copy, marketing materials, training manuals, and blog content. Emily first joined the team in 2014; she now coordinates all the Scribe Source's writing projects.

Zach Wolfe Martin - Writer/Editor for the Scribe Source

Zach Wolfe Martin

Zach has a master’s degree in creative writing and an eye for consistency, making him an adept writer and editor for many of the Scribe Source’s projects. Zach is skilled in capturing the right voice for a project, whether it be for a company’s marketing materials or a children’s book character. He joined our team in 2017.

Andrew McDiarmid - Copywriter for the Scribe Source

Andrew McDiarmid

Andrew McDiarmid is a freelance writer whose specialties include crafting content for social media, blogging, feature articles, and other web content. A former middle school teacher, Andrew writes regularly for various magazines and hosts the Simply Scottish podcast. He holds a BA in English and an MA in Teaching. He joined the Scribe Source in 2015.

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