A Style Guide for Every Writer

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Style guides are a critical element to help content producers keep their writing consistent and facilitate easier collaboration on documents. They provide guidance on everything from capitalization and punctuation to correct citation formats and use of numbers. But first you must decide which style guide is right for you.

Avoid these word usage mistakes

Ten Word Slipups to Avoid

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Sometimes our writing mistakes are things we would catch with closer review. Other times, we may not know or remember the correct usage or spelling. Here are ten common word slipups you should avoid in your business writing.

Streamline your email communications

Enjoy More Daylight: How to Streamline Your Email Communications

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On Sunday, we sprang into spring by setting our clocks ahead one hour. This first day or two of Daylight Saving Time can bring mixed emotions—distress for having lost an hour of sleep, yet also excitement for having gained an extra hour of daylight (which for those of us living in the Pacific Northwest is a much-anticipated event). I don’t …

Lifting the Block on Creativity

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How can you get writer’s block if you aren’t even a writer? In the information age, anybody’s job description can include some kind of writing. That means anybody can suffer from writer’s block or any other kind of creative block. Deadline is approaching. You have to be cunning, creative, even brilliant. But after a half hour of staring at the …

How to Beat the Bull: Eliminating Jargon from Your Writing

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Much of today’s business communication is overloaded with jargon and corporate buzzwords.  Dilbert author Scott Adams has made millions by poking fun at the language used in the business world, and shows like The Office have become favorites for parodying workplace dialogue. But when poor business communication starts costing you sales, it is no laughing matter. Does Your Business Writing Stink? …