How to Pick the Perfect Pet for Your Writing Style

Karly White Humor, Team

When you think of a writer, you probably picture a few things: cups of coffee going cold, cable-knit sweaters, stacks of unread vintage books, and a pet of some kind. A pet is the perfect muse—a friend who can’t offer unsolicited feedback! Here’s how to choose the perfect pet based on your writing style.

Team Spotlight: Back to School Edition

Emily Fahey Editing Tips, Team

Have you ever wondered how someone becomes an editor? For this team spotlight we go “back to school” to hear from three current Scribe editors and one Scribe “alumna” about how a unique college degree led to their careers, plus the best editing lesson they learned in school.

Team Spotlight: Imposter Syndrome

Emily Fahey Team

In this edition of our Team Spotlight, we tackle the question of how to deal with imposter syndrome as writers and editors.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Hannah Comerford Team

Writers are often known for being introverts. Even if your writer is more outgoing than the stereotype, the career is being practiced at home now more than ever. So let’s take a look at some ideas that might make your giftee’s life a little more comfortable and enjoyable this holiday season.

Team Spotlight: Time Management

Emily Fahey Team, Writing Tips

In this second edition of our team spotlight series, some of the creative writers on our Scribe Team share how they tackle their toughest hurdles in making time to write.

Team Spotlight: Inspiration

Emily Fahey Team, Writing Tips

We’re kicking off a new series this month, a spotlight feature that poses writing-related questions to our team. We hope you enjoy learning more about our team through this series, as well as getting a variety of solutions to common or tricky problems that every writer faces. In this inaugural edition, we asked the team the following question: Where do you go for inspiration as a writer?

Eight Books for Your Stay-at-Home Summer Reading

Rachel Sandell Book Publishing, Team

As summer nears, the world is still being impacted heavily by coronavirus disease. We here at The Scribe Source want to share a summer reading challenge with a wide range of genres to feed your bookish hunger. If your TBR list is looking bare, then we’ve got you covered!