Three Benefits of Having an Editorial Calendar

Emily Fahey Content Marketing, Marketing

Editorial calendars are useful tools for blogs and social media content. It takes early and focused planning to create a well-functioning editorial calendar that serves your needs, but there are many benefits to making this investment of time in your content planning.

Content for Left-Brain and Right-Brain Readers

How to Appeal to Both Sides of Your Customer’s Brain

Lori Baxter Marketing

Does the content of your newsletters, ads, and website appeal to both sides of the customer’s brain? Whether your business offers something practical or whimsical, make sure your copywriting targets both sides of the decision-making process.

Make Your Vision Transferable

Making Your Vision Transferable

Lori Baxter Marketing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if you sit down with someone who is a visionary and ask them what they do, that’s probably how many words you’ll get. Entrepreneurs and other visionaries are nothing else if not passionate, and given a listening ear, they can go into elaborate detail about the new frontiers and new …