How to Pick the Perfect Pet for Your Writing Style

Karly White Humor, Team

When you think of a writer, you probably picture a few things: cups of coffee going cold, cable-knit sweaters, stacks of unread vintage books, and a pet of some kind. A pet is the perfect muse—a friend who can’t offer unsolicited feedback! Here’s how to choose the perfect pet based on your writing style.

The Care and Keeping of Your Writer

Karly White Humor

So you’ve decided to adopt a writer! Congratulations! Writers are a big commitment, needy and high maintenance, but with proper care, they can be an excellent lifelong companion. Here we’ll walk you through all the basics of keeping a writer.

Dressing for Success: Inside the Writer’s Wardrobe

Karly White Humor

When you imagine a writer, I can almost guarantee you picture something like Johnny Depp in Secret Window: shaggy hair, unkempt beard, reading glasses, and, of course, pajamas with a terry cloth robe thrown over to complete the look. It’s a classic ensemble. But just how many writers actually don this lackadaisical uniform?

A Writer’s Guide to Drinking on the Job

Karly White Humor

As writers, you need to be addicted to either whiskey or coffee. Truly, there is a long and illustrious literary tradition of drinking on the job. But what is the right drink for the job?