Nine Steps for Editing Your Novel

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After months of forcing yourself to write regularly, pushing through writer’s block, reconsidering plot points, and diving deep into your characters’ lives, you finally have a finished first draft of your novel.
You know what comes next: editing.

Six Tips for Proofreading Your Final Copy

Hannah Comerford Editing Tips

After many months of writing, receiving feedback, editing (and repeat), you are confident in the quality of your work and ready to publish, right? Well, let’s not forget the important last step of the final proofread. You’ve come this far. Honor your hard work by not skipping this step, and use these tips to breeze through the process.

Titles of Works CMOS standards

Unpacking CMOS: Titles of Works

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Standards for writing titles, such as capitalization and italicization, make it easier for the reader to understand what the writer is communicating. Yet with the rise of easily published, unproofed text and social media that doesn’t allow for italics, a writer can miss a lot of these standards—or simply not know them. Check out the latest installment in our “Unpacking CMOS” series to find out what our favorite style guide recommends for dealing with titles of works.

Writing tips for good usage vs common usage

Unpacking CMOS: Good Usage versus Common Usage

Jordan Wagenet Editing Tips, Grammar, Writing Tips

CMOS 5.250, “Good usage versus common usage,” is one of the lengthiest sections in CMOS’s seventeenth edition. It illuminates tricky words and phrases that are commonly used incorrectly in American writing. Learning the proper style for these terms will ensure you don’t confuse your readers and embarrass yourself with erroneous word choice.

Trim the Fat: Tips for Efficient Writing

Jordan Wagenet Editing Tips, Writing Tips

Direct writing saves space—on paper or screen—and strengthens your thoughts, helping you sound more confident, knowledgeable, and intelligent. Using a few of the Scribe Source’s writing and editing tips as guides, we’re going to look at three areas of writing where inefficient phrasing sneaks in—hedging words, adverbs, and weak verbs—and how we can solve these issues.

A Style Guide for Every Writer

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Style guides are a critical element to help content producers keep their writing consistent and facilitate easier collaboration on documents. They provide guidance on everything from capitalization and punctuation to correct citation formats and use of numbers. But first you must decide which style guide is right for you.

Avoid these word usage mistakes

Ten Word Slipups to Avoid

Lori Baxter Editing Tips, Grammar, Writing Tips

Sometimes our writing mistakes are things we would catch with closer review. Other times, we may not know or remember the correct usage or spelling. Here are ten common word slipups you should avoid in your business writing.