Six Steps for Disagreeing with Your Editor—Without Straining the Relationship

Hannah Comerford Book Publishing, Editing Tips

An editor’s job is to make the manuscript marketable, even if it’s at the expense of a writer’s wishes, right? Not necessarily! While an editor might occasionally ask you to “murder your darlings,” their goal is to bring out the best in your writing and they want your feedback even if you disagree. Here are six steps for having a productive disagreement with your editor.

Reading for Change

Emily Fahey Book Publishing

Last month we published our summer reading list, a wide range of books to enjoy while dealing with COVID-19, social distancing, and a summer that would be far from normal. But the world has changed yet again in the weeks since we offered our recommendations. To that end, we want to share another book list to provide educational resources for understanding and dismantling systemic racism. This is the essential work that we are all called to, in this moment and always.

Eight Books for Your Stay-at-Home Summer Reading

Rachel Sandell Book Publishing, Team

As summer nears, the world is still being impacted heavily by coronavirus disease. We here at The Scribe Source want to share a summer reading challenge with a wide range of genres to feed your bookish hunger. If your TBR list is looking bare, then we’ve got you covered!

Nine Steps for Editing Your Novel

Hannah Comerford Book Publishing, Editing Tips

After months of forcing yourself to write regularly, pushing through writer’s block, reconsidering plot points, and diving deep into your characters’ lives, you finally have a finished first draft of your novel.
You know what comes next: editing.

Is Self-Publishing Right for You?

Rachel Sandell Book Publishing

One of the largest advantages to self-publishing is the ability to maintain creative control over your own work. Traditional publishing houses have specific requirements for manuscripts, some of which may compromise the author’s original vision of the work. Self-publishing ensures that you, as the author, have the final say on how your work is presented.

Interview with an Editor

Emily Fahey Book Publishing, Team

“I first heard of editing as a job when I was in middle school. I distinctly remember hearing an editor on a podcast and knowing right away that this was what I wanted to do. A career where I could read books for a living? Perfect!”
-Rachel Diebel