A Gift Guide for the Writer in Your Life

Emily Fahey Content Marketing, Team, Writing Tips

We’ve compiled a gift list full of resources for a variety of writers. It is by no means comprehensive. (Have you ever tried to ask a writer what their favorite book is? They probably gave you a laundry list and adamantly protested that they can’t pick just one.) But our list covers a good selection of team favorites with a variety of styles that (we think) deserve to be on the shelf of every writer.

NaNoWriMo: Everything You Need to Know

Jordan Wagenet Writing Tips

Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, as participants call it? Maybe you’re thinking about participating this year, but you’re still on the fence. Or have you even announced your novel, but you aren’t sure where to start? Have no fear: you’re not alone. Let’s learn about the famous writing event, some advice, tips, and more.

A Style Guide for Every Writer

Zach Wolfe Martin Editing Tips, Grammar, Technical Writing, Writing Tips

Style guides are a critical element to help content producers keep their writing consistent and facilitate easier collaboration on documents. They provide guidance on everything from capitalization and punctuation to correct citation formats and use of numbers. But first you must decide which style guide is right for you.

Basic technical writing tips

Seven Technical Writing Tips to Benefit Your Business

Lori Baxter Technical Writing

How can quality technical writing help your small business? Whether you need a user manual for your company’s products or documentation for your internal processes and procedures, here are some basic tips for creating clear and informative technical documents that can improve operations and support product sales.

Avoid these word usage mistakes

Ten Word Slipups to Avoid

Lori Baxter Editing Tips, Grammar, Writing Tips

Sometimes our writing mistakes are things we would catch with closer review. Other times, we may not know or remember the correct usage or spelling. Here are ten common word slipups you should avoid in your business writing.