Team Spotlight: Inspiration

Emily Fahey Team, Writing Tips

We’re kicking off a new series this month, a spotlight feature that poses writing-related questions to our team. We hope you enjoy learning more about our team through this series, as well as getting a variety of solutions to common or tricky problems that every writer faces. In this inaugural edition, we asked the team the following question: Where do you go for inspiration as a writer?

Reading for Change

Emily Fahey Book Publishing

Last month we published our summer reading list, a wide range of books to enjoy while dealing with COVID-19, social distancing, and a summer that would be far from normal. But the world has changed yet again in the weeks since we offered our recommendations. To that end, we want to share another book list to provide educational resources for understanding and dismantling systemic racism. This is the essential work that we are all called to, in this moment and always.

Three Benefits of Having an Editorial Calendar

Emily Fahey Content Marketing, Marketing

Editorial calendars are useful tools for blogs and social media content. It takes early and focused planning to create a well-functioning editorial calendar that serves your needs, but there are many benefits to making this investment of time in your content planning.

Eight Books for Your Stay-at-Home Summer Reading

Rachel Sandell Book Publishing, Team

As summer nears, the world is still being impacted heavily by coronavirus disease. We here at The Scribe Source want to share a summer reading challenge with a wide range of genres to feed your bookish hunger. If your TBR list is looking bare, then we’ve got you covered!

The Care and Keeping of Your Writer

Karly White Humor

So you’ve decided to adopt a writer! Congratulations! Writers are a big commitment, needy and high maintenance, but with proper care, they can be an excellent lifelong companion. Here we’ll walk you through all the basics of keeping a writer.

How to Write A Book With A Busy Schedule

Lori Baxter Writing Tips

Tony Robbins once said, “If you talk about it, it’s a dream; if you envision it, it’s possible; but if you schedule it, it’s real.” Leaders are those who closely guard their calendars, and for a book-writing endeavor to be real, it must go on the calendar.
But with so much already on your plate, how can you find time to write a book?

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Emily Fahey Team

The theme for our gift guide this year is accessories that support and elevate the experience of writers. Whether you are (or are shopping for!) a fiction writer, content creator, social media manager, or curriculum developer, we’ve got something for you.