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Your communications support team, ready when you need us.

The Scribe Source provides proofreading, editing, and copywriting services to content producers in marketing, training and education, public relations, web design, and more. 

On any given day, you might find us developing website or social media content, editing training materials, proofreading a digital magazine, or reviewing K–12 science curriculum—among other projects.

The people who hire us are just as varied: PR and marketing professionals, training managers, web designers, business owners, and a score of other content producers who want to be sure the messages they’re distributing are as professional, accurate, and effective as they can be.

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Meet Our Team



Lori Baxter
Owner / Chief Scribe


The Scribe Source, LLC is owned by Lori Baxter. Lori is our Chief Scribe and has been providing writing and editing services to businesses, nonprofits, and individual authors for nearly fifteen years. Her passion is to help others clearly communicate their unique and inspired ideas through the written word.

Lori is mommy to three small children and, in her free time—wait, she has no free time (see reference to small children). Her interests and academic background are in policy and governance, and if she ever again acquires any free time, Lori hopes to become a speechwriter for someone who is maybe a little famous.[/two_third_last]

Hannah Comerford is a contract editor and proofreader who has been part of The Scribe Source team since 2011. She is one of the world’s foremost masters of The Chicago Manual of Style (in our humble opinion) and is known for catching even the smallest factual errors in a text.

When she isn’t editing, you can find her helping run a photography business (Jason Comerford Photography), writing poetry, or watching various BBC shows.[/two_third]


Hannah Comerford



Andrew McDiarmid

Andrew McDiarmid is a freelance writer and editor who joined The Scribe Source team in 2015. His areas of specialty include social media content, copywriting, proofreading, research, podcasting, and poetry.

Andrew taught middle school English and Speech/Drama for six years at a Seattle-area secondary school and lived to tell the tale. Today, he is a media relations specialist at the Discovery Institute. In his spare time, Andrew also writes regularly for various magazines and hosts the Simply Scottish podcast at www.simplyscottish.com.[/two_third_last]


Emily Fahey is a contract copywriter and editor who first joined The Scribe Source team in 2014. Her background is in higher education and radio/media, specifically in the area of fundraising.

Emily spends her spare time reading fiction, writing poetry, and having lively debates in her two book clubs. You can usually find her in the children’s literature section of the library.[/two_third]

Emily Profile

Emily Fahey