Three Benefits of Having an Editorial Calendar

Emily Fahey Content Marketing, Marketing

Editorial calendars are useful tools for blogs and social media content. An editorial calendar serves as:

  • A calendar overview of your marketing plan
  • A content brainstorming document
  • A content task list
  • A system for keeping track of content across your social media platforms 

It takes early and focused planning to create a well-functioning editorial calendar that serves your needs, but there are many benefits to making this investment of time in your content planning.

The Big Picture

When you plan your editorial calendar in advance, even if it is just a business quarter at a time, you have the benefit of seeing the big picture for your content. This enables you to plan ahead for content that serves the long-term goals of the business, rather than just creating filler content that may not be relevant to your business’s most important goals.

Seeing the big picture also ensures that your content is not repetitive and gives you the ability to make space for different themes that you want to highlight throughout the year. These could include a product launch that you build up to with your content or a long-term strategy to build your subscriber list.

Saving Time

Taking two hours at the start of each month to review your calendar and plan ahead for upcoming content is going to save you time in the long run. It will also help you avoid both the time-suck and the stress of last-minute brainstorm sessions when you realize you are overdue on posting new content!

Keep your content ideas in one place so you can review your list with fresh eyes and make critical (not emotional) decisions for your content strategy. #writingtips Click To Tweet

Having a dedicated content planning time will also train your brain to think creatively during your planning sessions, though it is also a good idea to have a dedicated notebook or digital document for jotting down content ideas as they come to you. An idea notebook will be a useful tool, as you’ll have all your ideas and inspiration at your fingertips when you sit down for your monthly planning session. Keeping your ideas in one place also gives you the space to review the list with fresh eyes, allowing you to make critical—not emotional—decisions that will be best for your content strategy.

Being Prepared Before Busy Seasons

Most businesses have a busy season, and it’s not just the holidays! CPAs, for example, are swamped January through April. Other businesses have seasonal rushes depending on their type of service. And everyone feels the stress of how to communicate with clients during times of crisis or public health emergencies.

Create your blog or social media content in advance to plan ahead for busy seasons and see the big picture for your marketing strategy. #writingtips Click To Tweet

Preparing content in advance helps you stay one step ahead when a busy season hits and gives you a clear picture of your content plan in unexpected situations.

Whether you are preparing to actually take a break during the holidays or just want to ensure your communications are running smoothly in any scenario, an editorial calendar will empower you to make smart decisions that free up more time to do the things that you love.


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About the Author

Emily spent ten years as a fundraising professional in higher education and public media and began moonlighting as a copywriter for the Scribe Source in 2014. She left the nonprofit world in 2019 to focus on copywriting, editing, and blog management for the Scribe Source.